2018 Ideas for Action Survey Data

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Thank you again to the more than 250 young innovators from over 70 countries to who took our 2018 participant survey.  Ideas for Action seeks to support as many of our thousands of global applicants as possible, and the wealth of data we received from this survey will help us improve our initiative and programming in both the short and long run.  In the short term, we have simplified the application process for 2019 by eliminating the need to upload a file and allowing an easier copy and paste model for each answer.  In the long term, we can see that our participants need four things above all else: cutting-edge technology, a supportive network, knowledge capital, and access to sustainable funding.

We are actively sharing these takeaways with our colleagues in the public and private sector with the explicit goal to support your sustainable development ideas as best we can.   The compiled data from the 2018 survey is presented below.