Results 2016: Congratulations to our Winners!

We are excited to announce today the results for the Ideas for Action Competition 2016. Ideas for Action, a joint project of the World Bank Group and the Carol and Lawrence Zicklin Center for Business Ethics Research at the Wharton School, invited students and young professionals from around the world to share their ideas for financing and implementing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Participation was overwhelming with more than 490 registered teams representing 1550 youths from 125 different countries. Each proposal went through an extensive and intricate evaluation process. After three independent review stages, a final panel consisting of senior World Bank, Wharton, and private sector executives decided on the final ranking. Winners were selected based on the exceptional clarity, significance, creativity, and feasibility of their ideas.

Hence, without further ado, here are the results:


A Peer-to-Peer Hyper Local Approach to Last-Mile Delivery in Nigeria
Team DLVR developed a novel solution for the lack of proper addressing systems and inefficient postal infrastructure in developing countries. The team developed a low-cost peer-to-peer delivery system that connects senders with local transporters to carry out scheduled or on-demand deliveries. The enormous potential economic impact and scalability helped this outstanding idea to prevail against a wide array of extremely innovative, high-quality proposals from around the world.

Congratulations to Simi Ogundowole, Emeka Nnodu, and Udon Okoh from Nigeria!


OINCS – Service to the Community
Team Oincs has developed an innovative approach to solving traffic and citizen security problems utilizing the help of local communities. Oincs is a mobile platform that allows users to inform themselves and alert others of any adverse event related to both traffic and security in real time. By ensuring greater safety for individuals and helping them optimize their time, Oincs can significantly improve people’s mobility and quality of life.

Congratulations to Team OINCS from Uruguay!

THIRD PLACE: Team NaukriSearch

Increasing Transparency in Indian Slum Labor Markets: Providing Access to Employment Information
Team NaukriSearch developed a dual platform employment service aimed at increasing the transparency in the slum labor market of Mumbai by improving access to employment information. The system relies on readily available SMS technologies and enables slum residents to access accurate, up-to-date information regarding employment opportunities in their region. By reducing frictional unemployment in the informal economy, NaukriSearch has great potential to advance infrastructure and economic progress in India and other developing economies around the world.

Congratulations to Chhavi Aggarwal, Kent Hutchison, Robert Levinson, and Daniel Kwak from the U.S.!

Moreover, we would like to recognize the outstanding work of all participating teams and the following seven finalists:

RUNNER-UP: Team HerLife, U.S.A.
HerLife: A Term Life Insurance Product for Working Mothers in China

Devika Dhawan and Sudhira Reddy

RUNNER-UP: Five Out of Five, Hong Kong
Innovative Floating Rate Green Bond for the Reduction of Air Pollution in China: An Application to the Shanxi Province’s Case

Jiangjie Qui, Xinyue Huang, Xiaoming Zhong, Junzi Wang, and Sol Kim

RUNNER-UP: Wylde International, Kenya
A New Model for Impact Investing: Application of Impact Units to Assess Feasibility of Social Investment Opportunities and Interventions in Kenya

Valentine Korir and Kiriinya Kithinji


HONORABLE MENTION: Team Shibe, Germany & India
Reinventing Global Payment Processing for Mirgrant Remittances, Microenterprise Funding Infusions, and Nationwide Direct Benefit Transfers

Pramod Emjay and Jens Wiechers

A Novel Practice for Money Payments: Using Fingerprints to Enable Real-Time Transactions in Nelamangala, India

Christine Yee, Darpan Bohara, and Yashna Sureka

HONORABLE MENTION: Tejiendo Comunidades, Mexico
Development Program for the Empowerment of Rural Communities

Juan Pedro Gómez Virgilio and Jor Solutions

HONORABLE MENTION: Team Chinglish, China
Financing Model for Revolutionizing E-Waste Recycling Business in Guiyu, China

Sui Fung Walter Tsang, Chung Yin Kwok, Eugene Oscar Yuen, Timothy Chan, and Chun Wai Chung



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