Idea: Team DLVR is developing a low cost peer-to-peer delivery system where senders are connected to local transporters who can carry out scheduled or on demand deliveries. This system is executed by means of a technology platform that facilitates this interaction between the different customer segments.

Problem and Context: Logistics and supply chains are the wheels of commerce and economic activity around the world. However, in developing economies and emerging markets there are numerous challenges which make access difficult. Most prominent are the lack of a proper addressing system and inefficient or inadequate country-wide postal infrastructure that raises the cost of logistics, especially delivery at the last mile.

Solution: DLVR’s flagship service is a multi-sided platform that facilitates the interaction between Senders and Transporters, two distinct but interdependent customer segments of their business model. The platform allows organizations and individuals with delivery needs (senders) to place orders and aggregates this demand in a central location. Transporters will then us the platform and its mobile application to fulfill these orders. There is significant opportunity and potential in establishing this service in emerging economies around the world, which face similar problems.


Anticipated Challenges: Trust and cultural barriers to adopting new technology may pose an important challenge. DLVR aims to address this by marketing through referrals and trusted peer reviews and by placing a strong emphasis on internal security measures. In addition, there is a shift toward more regulatory activity aimed at reducing fraud and aiding identity management in Nigeria. These changes allow DLVR to design a more secure product with a bank-authorized verification system.

Team Members: Emeka Nnodu, Udon Okoh


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