Hello Ideas For Action followers, supporters, and competitors…

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Applications have closed and we are excited to commence reviewing applications for our February 24th announcement of the winners. In the meantime, we have an itinerary planned to continue to keep you engaged with the Sustainable Development Goals. For each of the five pillars – domestic resources mobilization, better and smarter aid, mobilizing domestic private finance, leveraging international private finance, and business and development innovations – we will be blogging, tweeting, and posting to initiate ongoing dialogue between members of our Ideas for Action community. We hope to hear opinions, debates, additional facts, or whatever seems most pertinent and interesting from you, our greatest source of ideas and insight. 

Please feel free to use any communicative media you would like, from videos and links to text and photos, on any of the platforms we are using – Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress. Be sure to focus special attention towards our blog at ifa2015.wordpress.com. We hope to transition to this page as the primary touch point for idea generation and knowledge exchange, and as such will be providing the most substantial content there. We look forward to hearing from you throughout the next month!