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Ideas for Action 2018, DR Congo


The Ministry of Planning and the SENAREC are using the Ideas for Action (I4A) initiative as a policy instrument to engage Congolese youth across the country on the Sustainable Development Goals.
The National Secretariat for Capacity Building – SENAREC (Secretariat National pour le Renforcement des Capacites), is a DRC government institution supported by the World Bank to deliver and ensure ownership and sustainability in capacity building activities

DRC Minister of Planning, Modeste BAHATI LUKWEBO, official launching ceremony of « Ideas for action-DRC,” February 8, 2018

The Ideas for Action (I4A) initiative in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is being coordinated by the National Secretariat for Capacity Building (SENAREC), an implementing unit of the Ministry of Planning.

The Minister of Planning presided the official launching ceremony of the 2018 competition on February 8, 2018, at the Protestant University of Congo (UPC).

In his remarks, the DRC Minister of Planning, encouraged Congolese youth to take advantage of the opportunity offered by I4A to massively participate in the development of their country by putting forward innovative ideas and being active participants in international discussions around the SDGs.

There were over 300 attendees at the February launch ceremony in Kinshasa. All major national media outlets covered the event.

Over 300 participants took part in the I4A launch ceremony in Kinshasa with the Minister of Planning

The SENAREC Coordinator, Constant KOKO MUDEKEREZA, delivering a welcoming statement

Ms. LWANZO AMANI, representative of « Ideas for Action », sharing the objectives of the competition

Recognition of Best Congolese Proposals by the Ministry of Planning

To incite the Congolese youth to actively participate in the competition and to take advantage of the momentum generated by the I4A initiative, the DRC Minister in charge of Planning announced that his Ministry will be awarding prizes to the three best proposals from DRC. Teams from the DRC are submitting their proposals to both the national and international I4A competition. The minister hopes participation in the I4A initiative will encourage Congolese youth to not only be interested in public service, but will help the youth understand the key role they need to play in the development of the DRC. Winning DRC proposals will help inform policy decisions of the ministry of planning and connections will be facilitated between winning teams and practitioners working in the areas of expertise of the winning proposals to help foster implementation and collaboration. The ministry of planning is putting together a local team of competition judges which include representatives from government, private sector and donor agencies to select the top local candidates. The local competition has already received over 400 applications.

I4A DRC Country Implementation

The SENAREC is working in partnership with Congolese youth leaders to encourage young Congolese to be actively involved in the implementation of the DRC SDGs agenda through the I4A initiative. A nationwide awareness raising campaign to encourage young Congolese to contribute novel ideas on how they would like to transform their local communities and engage at the national level to enable the country to reach the SDGs by 2030 is underway thanks to I4A.
It is within this framework, the SENAREC, under the aegis of its Coordinator Constant Koko Mudekereza, put together the I4A DRC Organizing Committee. The Committee was put in place on January 5th, 2018 and is comprised of over 30 members who include representatives of Congolese youth organizations, young professional organizations and student organizations. The DRC I4A Organizing committee has organized information sessions on I4A, and outreach has been through social media, print media, television, and radio.

The next steps

  • Setting up an adhoc national commission for the selection of the best projects
  • Awarding prizes to national winning teams by the DRC Ministry of Planning
  • Evaluate the activities that have been done as part of I4A 2018 in DRC
  • Discuss and plan DRC I4A 2019