Ideas for Action at Stanford University: Social Impact Energizes Students from Technology, Finance, Engineering, Medicine and More Blog

Over the last four years, Ideas for Action has continually worked to expand its outreach to young innovators worldwide—encouraging everyone aged 18-35 to join the discussion about how humankind can achieve the SDGs.  At an event at Stanford University last week, Filip Simeski and Marko Jakovljevic, both of whom are involved with the Science, Technology and Innovation initiative within Ideas for Action, had an opportunity to share the latest updates about our platform with a captive audience in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Social Impact Night, an event hosted by the Center for Social Innovation at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and the Stanford Social Entrepreneurship Student Association (SENSA), brought together more than 150 young people from backgrounds as diverse as engineering, medicine, business and finance—all interested in creating social impact.  Attendees had chance to listen to presentations on efforts to achieve social impact in various fields, as well as opportunities for young people to make change in the world.  Simeski presented Ideas for Action and the opportunities that winners of our annual competition receive.  The attendees showed great interest in the platform and asked Simeski and Jakovljevic a number of insightful questions.

The efforts to attract the most diverse and creative applicant pool for the 2019 Ideas for Action Competition continue at full speed.  Simeski and Jakovljevic are hoping to host another event in the San Francisco Bay Area in the coming months as we approach the February 28, 2019 deadline for this year’s competition.

Filip Simeski and Marko Jakovljevic