Increasing Transparency in Indian Slum Labor Markets: Providing Access to Employment Information IdeaHub, Infrastructure & Economic Development, South-East Asia

NaukriSearch is a dual platform employment service. Its goal is to reduce unemployment through increased transparency in the slum labor market of Mumbai by improving access to employment information and opportunities. NaukriSearch is unique from other attempts at unemployment reduction because it emphasizes use of technology that is readily available to each segment of the labor market: Internet-enabled computers for employers, and cellular SMS messages for employees. This system enables slum residents to receive accurate, up-to-date information concerning potential employment opportunities within their region.

The majority of slum residents are employed informally. NaukriSearch will provide crucial structure this economic informality. This proposal demonstrates the appropriateness of a dual platform system for a highly asymmetric Indian labor market in which employers enjoy disproportionate access to information. Through the implementation of electronic marketing campaigns easily accessible to slum populations, our team seeks to attract marginalized workers to NaukriSearch, thereby reducing frictional unemployment in the informal economy.

Team NaukriSearch
Chhavi Aggarwal, The Wharton School, Class of 2018
Kent Hutchison, The Wharton School, Class of 2018
Robert Levinson, The Wharton School, Class of 2017
Daniel Kwak, The Wharton School, Class of 2017