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Hello Everyone!

We hope everything is going well in your respective locations around the globe! As we are entering Spring, we are also nearing the final date where we will announce the final winner of our competition. Will I4A drop off the face of the earth after April 5? We’re glad you asked!

The answer is no, we hope to continue engagement with everyone keeping up with I4A activity.

Ideas for Action is primarily a knowledge exchange platform.

We are a platform connecting individuals all around the world with others who have valuable thoughts and ideas about the SDGs, Post-2015 Development Agenda, and any other topic related to the future development of our world. While connecting, we hope to engage and contribute our own voice to the conversation. The competition is the catalyst to sparking global conversation. We’ve been happy to see teams form by members on opposite sides of the globe. In a similar manner, we hope everyone who knows about I4A will take advantage of this blog, our Facebook, and Twitter to reach out not only to us, but also to other individuals all around the world who may have exciting ideas. We want you to reach out to us and others. We want your brilliant ideas.


I4A Team

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