2020 SDGs&Her Initiative: Accepting Applications Now!

The World Bank Group, in partnership with UNDP, UN Women, and the Wharton School Zicklin Center, celebrate the 2018 winners of the “SDGs and Her” competition for women micro-entrepreneurs whose businesses help achieve the SDGs: Mukuru Clean Stoves of Kenya, owned by Charlot Magayi (third from left) and Tanzania-based WomenChoice Industries owned by Lucy Odiwa (fifth from left). The winners were selected from a pool of over 1,200 contenders from 88 countries through a rigorous three-stage judging process.

The World Bank and the Wharton School’s Zicklin Center for Business Ethics Research, in collaboration with UN Women and UNDP, have embarked on an innovative partnership to launch the SDGs&Her initiative. This initiative is an online competition that honors outstanding women micro-entrepreneurs who are supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Zicklin Center also promotes knowledge, capacity development, and awareness about the SDGs (particularly concerning their impact on women), while working closely with private sector partners to share best practices and innovative ideas.

The top winners will be recieve leadership training, mentoring, and will be recognized at an event during the April 2020 World Bank & IMF Spring Meetings in Washington DC and our participants’ accomplishments and ideas will be shared prominently on social media.

It is our hope that with the involvement of the Zicklin Center and our partners, SDGs&Her will significantly support women micro-entrepreneurs all around the world. In the process, we hope that the best ideas from global debates will be more productively channeled to address the challenges that women micro-entrepreneurs face. In the inaugural 2018 competition, SDGs&Her was delighted to honor and support winners Mukuru Clean Stoves of Kenya, owned by Charlot Magayi, and Tanzania-based WomenChoice Industries, owned by Lucy Odiwa.

Building on the experience and success of our Ideas for Action initiative we also hope for SDGs&Her to help participants maintain clarity about their priorities and goals, to confront challenging social problems that have no obvious solutions, and to feel comfortable taking risks, learning new approaches, and experimenting in more informed ways as they develop actionable ideas with scalable and sustainable impact.

To Enter: Applicants complete a short online template, describing their work and linking their initiative/product to one or more SDGs.