STI Network

Bringing science into the conversation
The Science, Technology and Innovation Network (STI Network) was started during summer 2017 under the Ideas for Action initiative with the goal to stimulate more science- and technology-oriented innovative solutions supporting UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Scientists and engineers globally have significantly influenced the innovation landscape by producing key fixes to challenges humanity faces on daily basis. Yet, their voices have often remained unheard in the most important policy- and decision-making development institutions. The STI Network is working on changing this by encouraging young professionals and STEM students to submit their projects to Ideas for Action and get a chance to present them during the Annual World Bank – IMF Meetings every year, or be featured in our blog.

Water pump gives community access to clean water and saves them from hours of walking. Photo: Morgana Wingard, USAID Photo Gallery

First virtual I4A club
Connecting people from some of the most eminent universities worldwide, including Brown University, Dartmouth College and Stanford University, the STI Network is a virtual agora for science, technology and engineering in service to community. The agora which was a meeting place in the ancient Hellenic world, where people would come to discuss ideas, was our inspiration to create this network as a place for cognitive exchange. Our blog among other things features stories about engineers working in service to community, scientists solving some of the world’s most pressing issues, and inspiration for historically underrepresented groups to join the scientific community.

Researchers at Brown University create a novel renewable energy turbine to produce electricity from water flows. Photo: Amy Simmons, Brown University

Join us in creating a better tomorrow through scientific inquiry! Apply your engineer’s mindset to create a more equitable world!