YABT and Ideas for Action Announce Collaboration

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Ideas for Action would like to extend its thanks its partner Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) for encouraging the participation of Latin America and Caribbean youth in the I4A competition through its Talent and Innovation Competition of the Americas (TIC Americas). One of the main goals of both competitions is to encourage the participation of youth in proposing solutions for socioeconomic issues and to give them the opportunity to address policy makers at the highest levels of government.

The YABT led IV Young Americas Forum took place on April 8-9 in Panama City, Panama within the framework of the VII Summit of the Americas, and featured three finalists of I4A. Lorena Julio is the founder of Comparlante, a website that provides audiobooks in more than 16 languages, including indigenous languages for the visually impaired. Lorena had the opportunity to read the results of the Young Americas Forum, at the Dialogue of the Civil Society and Social Actors, which included heads of states such as President Barack Obama, President of Panama Juan Carlos Varela, and President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos.

Another finalist was founder of Eco-Vida, Wilder Sandoval. Eco-Vida provides solutions for recycling and reusing PET to create desks for schools in rural Nicaragua. Eco-Vida was also the winner of PepsiCo’s Eco-Challenge, and Sandoval showcased his proposal to presidents and CEOs in Latin America.

Finally, Ivonne Zulema Prado Barros and José Roberto Ardila are the founders of Eco-Tamina, a video game designed to measure how one’s lifestyle contributes to climate change. Eco-Tamina was a finalist of the Eco-Challenge, and presented their proposal to executives of PepsiCo Latin America.

“The goal of the Young Americas Forum and of Ideas for Action is that young people are taking part in the decision-making process through innovation solutions and active participation…to make young people aware of the Sustainable Development Goals, the Summit of the Americas Mandates, and be active actors of the development agenda in their countries,” CEO of the Young Americas Business Trust at the Organization of American States Luis Viguria said. “ Young entrepreneurs will take those down to earth, down to the local level.”

“Through I4A and the Young Americas Forum, presidents will listen and receive the recommendations and when governments define priorities, they have in mind what young people told them about,” Viguria added.

I4A is looking forward to the continuation of this partnership in the future.

For more information about YABT, please visit: www.yabt.net